Radio Ads

A true form of mobile advertising, radio is ancient yet unique, growing and pervasive medium. Radio is able to penetrate our daily lives still of-limits to other media like television, internet, print or outdoor. Radio is with its audience when one wakes up in the morning, goes to jog, commutes to and from jobs, at workstations and goes to bed. It can be broadcasted to highly targeted audience. Commercial radio stations earn revenue by playing radio spots ranging from few seconds to minutes. The format is evolving with time; stations now stream their program on internet and reach wider audience.

Radio stations today generally run their advertising in clusters or sets, scattered throughout the broadcasting hour.[16] Studies show that the first or second commercial to air during a commercial break has higher recall than those airing later in the set.[28]

Arbitron is one of the primary providers of ratings data in the United States. Most radio stations and advertising agencies subscribe to this paid service, because ratings are key in the broadcast industry. Ad agencies generally purchase radio based on a target demographic. For example, their client may want to reach men between 18 and 49 years old. The ratings enable advertisers to select a specific segment of the listening audience and purchase airtime accordingly. Ratings are also referred to as “numbers” in the business.[2